We're a small business, started by two passionate travelers, with an eye for design and a love for luggage & travel accessories. Experienced in almost every style of travel, from backpacking to 5 star cruising, our adventures have seen us trial every type of packing solution. Our products have been created and tested to meet all styles of travel.
"Everyone should travel, it's the most eye opening experience. You dive in thinking you've got it all worked out then you come out the other side with a whole new outlook on the world. It's a big big world out there!"
That first long haul trip overseas can get you a little over excited when choosing what to pack and we were no different: 
Our first adventure to Asia had us packing everything but the kitchen sink, we were red lining our weight restriction, and I could barely lift my backpack without help. I even started lifting weights and drinking protein shakes in preparation. Two weeks into the trip and I hadn't scratched the surface of my backpack. So we put together a big bag of unwanted stuff (which included such items as a pair of heavy boots, an assortment of hair products and a roll of duct tape) then we spent our hard earned cash on sending a package home. Why oh why!?
Then the dreaded whirlpool of clothes had me emptying my backpack most mornings just to find my bikini. So I started using plastic bags to separate my items so it wouldn't take so long to get ready. It was a little more than embarrassing when we went through customs and my collection of plastic bags were discovered.
Over the next 5 years we tried out different ways of packing our stuff and we now swear by packing cubes.
These days we pack light and stay organised.